About Me

Mia A Irizarry is a Puerto Rican Front-End Web Developer with a Global Business certification living in Venice Beach, Los Ángeles CA. She loves helping creative people developing their websites through her music web agency TrendCulprit. Throughout her career, Mia earned a MS in Apparel & Textiles International Merchandising and a BA in Audiovisual Communication, among various certificates in Web Design, Web Development and International Business. Currently, she is actively pursuing her dreams through the development of various projects in which she utilizes web technologies to bring together, and provide exposure, to unique forms of talent expressions from across the world within the music, beauty, apparel and fitness industries.

Mia is passionate about learning, personal growth, and sharing her knowledge. When she is not coding, working on her online store Sarobey Clothing, networking or running overseas meetings, she will be found teaching assisting and organizing study groups for Girl Develop It Los Ángeles, training at the gym, cycling at the beach, traveling on summer tours representing her home country as a Professional Dancer for International Folklore Festivals, exploring the world, or doing some small Modeling on the side.

Can it get any better?